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Are you ready to finally have a sustainable and scalable business?

What is Project Nuclear?

Project Nuclear is a powerful business accelerator for Entrepreneurs who are already running a business doing at least $50k per month in revenue. 

What would it be like to have a business that can run itself, is predictable, & truly maximizes the value it generates (for customers, clients, employees, owners, and the world as a whole)?

Do you believe that you (and your team) are ready to be led up the mountain to a new level of business ownership? This is for those Entrepreneurs who want to build more than an “online brand” and is ready to get off “The Hamster Wheel”...

Learn more here about how Project Nuclear works, check out the results that Entrepreneurs in Project Nuclear have been achieving, & meet the team who will be there to serve you and guide you through the accelerator



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Generating between $50,000 - $250,000/month in your Online Business?

 Discover more about Project Nuclearour Premier Business Accelerator...

It is for Entrepreneurs who are ready to finally get off the “Hamster Wheel” and build a business that can run itself. 

(Meaning your business truly supports your life & your goals….instead of requiring that you give your entire life to the business in order for it to continue operating) 

If you feel like you’re completely stuck inside of your business, where you are unable to step away for even a week out fear that your business would collapse without you….

If you are always feeling stressed & drained when it comes to managing your team, delivering service to clients, and operating your business….

And if you don’t have a clear, scalable plan for consistently generating new leads & clients so that you can predictably grow your company’s bottom line….

Know that creating sustainability, predictability, and leverage into your business is possible. Everything does not have to depend all on you. To get on the phone with Scott to discuss if we can help you make this reality in your business through Project Nuclear, click the button below:


The 4 Phases of Project Nuclear

In Project Nuclear, we help you transform your business over a year through 4 distinct phases.

You will be guided through each of these phases so that they build on each other and provide lasting value to your business.

Phase 1 of Project Nuclear focuses on the marketing and sales pillars of your business.

And while the specifics of what we do here is customized based on what’s already working (or not) in your business, we will be infusing The R.O.I. Method into your marketing and sales efforts.

Real growth and scale can only happen when there is a powerful, sustainable flow of new leads & revenue into the business.

The goal in Phase 1 is to increase the number of leads, sales, and revenue your marketing efforts create for your business. By creating abundance through improved marketing, we’ll have the fuel necessary to drive the growth that is coming in Phases 2, 3, and 4.

We will help you refine (or create) your high-ticket offer, dial in your messaging, launch your Relevancy Funnel, and begin amplifying the reach + impact of your message through Omnipresence.

Real growth and scale can only happen when there is a powerful, sustainable flow of new leads & revenue into the business.

After you’ve built greater Relevance, Omnipresence, and Intimacy into your marketing…..the necessary foundation for growth will be set as your marketing begins to consistently produce new business.

Phase 1: The R.O.I. Method

True sustainability comes from Acceleration, Leverage, People, and Systems (ALPS)

In Phase 2, we start by focusing on Accelerating the cash that comes in the door from unleashing The R.O.I. Method in your business and allowing for that cash to start being used to build sustainable systems that allow you to build a real business (not just a hustle).

From there, we help you use the Leverage earned through highly effective marketing & sales to streamline everything involved with how you deliver products + services to your clients.

We then help you put the right People and the right Systems in place to ensure that your high-ticket program delivers successful results & an amazing experience to each and every client (while also maximizing your profitability).

When your sales and your fulfillment are operating in a seamless, scalable way you are ready to focus on the holistic systems of your business.

All of this happens while we’re helping you to continue to fuel your marketing and sales. We will help you find new places to acquire perfect clients, while ensuring you’re able to use some of the most effective social selling strategies ever used in the online space.

Phase 2: The ALPS Protocol

Systems are the heart and soul of your business. To run & scale your business effortlessly, the key systems need to be mastered.  

In this phase, you'll build your organization's operational infrastructure. We have a massive library of ready to use systems, processes, and operations procedures ready to be plugged into your business.

Once your infrastructure is built, you can elevate yourself to a place where you are working exclusively in your “Zones of Genius’ (the areas where you create the most value).

Most Entrepreneurs spend far too much time & energy working “in” their business and doing low value activity that could be handled by leveraging someone else or a system.

This phase is where we help your business become more efficient & effective in how it manages its resources (especially human resources).

When the operations are tightened up, your business is ready to handle greater capacity and pursue greater scale without fear of growing faster than your business is capable of managing.

And that is when you open the door to feel immense freedom + abundance from your business as it generates tons of value without needing you to give it tons of your time & energy.

Phase 3: The Project Nuclear Playbook

As strange as it sounds, many Entrepreneurs have no idea what to do with themselves when they achieve significant levels of freedom & abundance.

This is a sneakily dangerous stage where a lot of Entrepreneurs unconsciously sabotage their business (and/or other areas of their life).

In Phase 4, we help you implement the processes that will mitigate the risks that face successful, mature, self running businesses.

Even as your business requires less of your time & energy, you will have everything you need to stay on top of the important things in your business. You will be able to stay lean and make necessary strategic adjustments with foresight instead of reacting to things only after they’ve become “emergencies”.

In this phase, you will also begin to create several distinct & independent income streams to diversify your revenue. This will help mitigate some of the greatest market risks we all face as entrepreneurs.

And as you grow, you will begin implementing a process for attracting, training, and retaining world class talent to your team.

Best of all, these systems are designed to be able to run without you being actively involved in them.

Phase 4: The Self Running Machine


Here are some of the people we have supporting our members inside Project Nuclear:

Advisor + Finance Specialist


Copy + Messaging

Advisor + Mindset Specialist




Lead Guide

Traffic + Conversion


Director of Member Success

Advisor + Effective Execution Specialist


Hear Results From Other Entrepreneurs Who 
Have Put their Business Through 
"The Reactor" to 
Unleash the Nuclear Effect in their Business: 

"We were STUCK at $20k - $30k per month....but last month we did $90k!"

"If you’re teetering in that $20k - $30k per month level in your business & you’re ready to go to the next level, Scott and his team really know what strategies to employ in your business to make that happen."

"Within 90 days of working with Scott, I had a $250,000 month"

"Not only was I having higher revenue days + months than ever before, I am able to be around a community of people doing big things in the world. I've never experienced anything like Project Nuclear before to be inspired by the vision, dedication, and results of the other entrepreneurs also in the program."

“I thought my upper limit was 'here'...we've completely exploded that."

"There truly is no ceiling now. I exploded my upper limit of what I thought I was capable of creating in this world. Project Nuclear is this amazing container that is helping entrepreneurs see how much they are capable of creating in this world & all the problems we can help solve."

“I Realized that I Was the Bottleneck in my Business”

"I was reaching a point where I knew I needed help. In the past I've had trouble with hiring and managing a highly effective team. Project Nuclear has helped significantly in the operations and the infrastructure of the business - - areas where I had no expertise."


"The business quadrupled last year, which is really exciting!"

"We had no consistency before, and now we do. I've had so many people walk up to me at conferences and say, "Hey, I bought your course!" And it's like, this is a lot of people that I've been able to impact. It's very cool."

The Project Nuclear Effect

See What Project Nuclear Members Say About Their Experience….


Hear Results From Other Entrepreneurs Who 
Have Put their Business Through 
"The Reactor" to 
Unleash the Nuclear Effect in their Business: 

"The Marketing Training Took My Revenue to Another Level, But What I Appreciate Most Is the Community in Project Nuclear"

"I have been in other high level communities and this one is so much about caring & helping each other. It is so fun & amazing to be around such successful, giving people who are willing to share everything with the community. "

"Project Nuclear Is Who I Turned To When I Didn’t Know How To Get Beyond The $2.5 Million Plateau In My Business"

"Because of his Relevancy & Omnipresence & Intimacy strategy, I felt like I knew Scott and I trusted him. When his ROI Method worked on me, I knew it could also work for me in my business."

Interviews With Scott & Project Nuclear Members


"It Took 6 Weeks for Project Nuclear to Pay For Itself….And We’ve Only Seen Increases in Profitability Since Then"

"Beyond making more money, the resources in Project Nuclear around Personal Development, Happiness, and Balance has been some of the biggest stuff for me. It’s great to be making more money, but it doesn’t matter if you’re miserable, not enjoying what you’re doing, and not getting to spend much time with family."

Typical #wins Shared in the Project Nuclear Slack Channel

"Project Nuclear Was A Big Investment....But Within The First 40 Days, I Had The Biggest Launch In The History of My Company"

Despite being profitably in business for multiple years & having hundreds of thousands of followers....Preston was leaving a lot of opportunity on the table.

Through the strategy & implementation support provided in Project Nuclear, Preston was able to instantly capitalize and have a launch that was 3x larger than his previous company record."

W H O  W E  W O R K  W I T H

New Applications to Join Project Nuclear Closed on May 3rd. Apply below to be on the wait list.

New Applications to Join Project Nuclear Close on May 3rd. 
Complete Your Application Before Deadline to Be Considered to Join the Project Nuclear Business Accelerator

New Applications to Join Project Nuclear Closed on May 3rd.

New Applications to Join Project Nuclear Closed on May 3rd.

New Applications to Join Project Nuclear Closed on May 3rd.

New Applications to Join Project Nuclear Closed on May 3rd. To be 
added to the wait list, complete the application below.

Apply for a Call With Scott to Discuss Project Nuclear